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Currently our website is under redesign/construction, it was time for an update since it was just getting too old.

We are still fully staffed in the USA and Netherlands, ready to answer your questions. Anything about Codefree MultiZone MultiRegion DIY mods or fully pre-done Blu-ray players, custom 3G-SDI video upgrades, SPDIF extractors, etc.

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phone: USA: +1-734-307-7184, Netherlands: +31-33-4655-366 

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JVB Digital

Above a screenshot of the familiar 'pre-historic' site working hard from 2002-2021.

Orders for the folowing USA products can be placed via email or phone:

Available MultiZone + MultiRegion Blu-ray modifications, only the most popular shown:
Ayre DX-5, Denon DBP-1611UD, Denon DBP-2012UDCI, Denon DBT-1713, Denon DBT-3313, Denon DVD-A1UDCI, Denon S-5BD , Haier BDP1, Harman Kardon BDS 270, Harman Kardon BDS 370, Harman Kardon BDS 570, Harman Kardon BDS 770, Lexicon BD-30, LG BD570, LG BD590, LG BD611, LG BD630, LG BD640, Marantz UD5005, Marantz UD5007, Marantz UD7006, Marantz UD7007, Marantz UD8004, Marantz UD9004, McIntosh MVP891, OPPO BDP-103/105 External kit , OPPO BDP-103D/105D Darbee External, OPPO BDP-103D/105D Darbee Shipped, OPPO BDP-80, OPPO BDP-83, OPPO BDP-83SE, OPPO BDP-93/95 (pro) V2, OPPO BDP-93/95 basic, OPPO BDP-93/95 External kit , OPPO BDT-101CI, OPPO UDP-203/205 basic, OPPO UDP-203/205 External kit , Panasonic DMP-BD15, Panasonic DMP-BD30, Panasonic DMP-BD35, Panasonic DMP-BD50, Panasonic DMP-BD55, Panasonic DMP-BD60, Panasonic DMP-BD601, Panasonic DMP-BD605k, Panasonic DMP-BD605k, Panasonic DMP-BD70V, Panasonic DMP-BD80, Panasonic SA-BT100, Panasonic SA-BT200, Panasonic SC-BT100, Panasonic SC-BT200, Pioneer UDP-LX500, Primare BD32 Rev.2015 US model, Primare BD32MKii Rev.2015 US model, Samsung UBD-K8500, Samsung UBD-KM85, Samsung UBD-M7500, Samsung UBD-M8500, Samsung UBD-M9500/M9700, Sharp BD-AMS20, Sharp BD-AMS30, Sharp BD-HP24U, Sharp BD-HP25U, Sharp BD-HP35U, Sharp BD-HP70U, Sharp BD-HP75U, Sony UBP-X800 , Sony UBP-X800M2, Theta Digital Compli Blu, Theta Digital Compli Blu 3D, Yamaha BD-A1010 and Yamaha BD-S671.

Available 3G-SDI upgrades, only the most popular shown:
Ayre DX-5, Cambridge Audio Azur 651BD, Cambridge Audio Azur BD751, Denon DBP-1611UD, Denon DBP-2012, Denon DBP-4010UDCI, Denon DBT-1713, Denon DBT-3313, Denon DN-500BD, Denon DN-500BD MKII, Denon DVD-2500BTCI, Denon DVD-A1UDCI, Denon S-5BD, Haier BDP1, Lexicon BD-30, Marantz UD5007, Marantz UD7007, Marantz UD8004, Marantz UD9004, NAD T567, OPPO BDP-103D, OPPO BDP-105, OPPO BDP-105D, OPPO BDP-83, OPPO BDP-83SE, OPPO BDP-93, OPPO BDP-95, OPPO BDT-101CI, OPPO UDP-203, Panasonic DMP-BD60, Panasonic DMP-BD70V, Panasonic DMP-BD85, Pioneer BDP-320, Pioneer BDP-LX52, Pioneer BDP-V6000, Pioneer Elite BDP-23FD, Pioneer UDP-LX500, Pioneer UDP-LX800, Primare BD32, Samsung UBD-K8500, Samsung UBD-M8500, Samsung UBD-M9500, Samsung UBD-M9700CI, Sony BDP-CX7000, Sony BDP-S5000, Sony UBP-X1000ES, Yamaha BD-A1010 and Yamaha BD-S671.

SPDIF Extractor: