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item# van203-1
Product Information:

The Vanity203HD is an upgrade module that can simply replace the analogue output circuit board of the OPPO UDP-203 with full resolution digital outputs. It follows the successful range of Vanity HD modules for the OPPO BDP-93 and BDP-103 and adds a few new features. The module enables the user to turn the player into an eight-channel digital audio transport which supports all audio formats including Blu-Ray, SACD and DVD-A.

This heavily engineered audiophile module features custom DSD to PCM conversion algorithms and state-of-the-art jitter reduction system. The result is a reference quality digital audio signal suitable for the most demanding applications of a multi-channel digital playback.

What’s new?
We have added DSD to PCM conversion filter setting directly from the player’s menu, on-board header with I2S and master clock output, full precision volume control with bypass at 0dB, PCM and DSD level matching option, simpler AES output modification and all that in one single firmware version. No more downmix and DoP firmware versions. Everything included.

Key Features
• 8 channel digital output via S/PDIF or AES and I2S
• Full resolution up to 24 bits and 192 kHz
• Custom DSD to PCM conversion
• Full resolution DSD 4.0 down-mix
• DoP v1 compatible
• Advanced jitter attenuation
• Easy and reversible installation
• Full technical support

High Quality DSD to PCM ConversionJitter Reduction and Re-clocking.

1kHz -3dB converted to 88.2kHz. Oppo – red, Vanity203HD - blue

The custom DSD to PCM conversion algorithm preserves maximum quality of high definition SACD recordings. All unwanted ultrasonic noise is attenuated without affecting the audio signal.

The Vanity203 HD implements also DSD down-mix algorithm to cover widely used 4.0 speaker configuration in the maximum quality. DoP v1 output option is also available.

Eye diagram of the output S/PDIF signal. Oppo – left, Vanity203HD – right

Audio data from the player is buffered in a FIFO memory and clocked out with local high precision oscillators. As a result, the output signal is completely isolated from the noisy environment inside the player - interferences from the power supplies, video circuits, disc reading mechanism, etc.
Technical details:
8 channel S/PDIF Output
• protocol: S/PDIF (IEC958 / EIAJ CP1201)
• type: 75 Ohm re-clocked transformer isolated RCA coaxial
• format: linear PCM stereo
• supported sampling rates: 44.1/48/88.2/96/ 176.4/192kHz
• supported bit depths: 16 / 24bit
• optional modification to differential AES/EBU compatible levels

8 channel I2S Output
• on board IDC header
• dedicated master-clock output
• can be enabled / disabled

S/PDIF Re-clocking
• 2x custom low jitter on-board VCXO
• digitally controlled frequency tuning, fc<<1Hz
• ultra low-noise power regulators for VCXO and TX circuits

High Quality DSD to PCM Conversion
• custom developed Zero Alias Linear Phase Filter
• 37bit arithmetic / 47bit accumulator
• output sample rates: 88.2kHz / 176.4kHz
• 4 selectable DSD to LPCM filter characteristics via player’s menu
• full precision 4.0 DSD down-mix option
• optional DoP v1 output encoding of raw DSD

Full Precision Volume Control
• less than 0.001dB gain error
• bit accurate volume bypass at 0dBFS
• TPDF dithering
• PCM and DSD level matching, outputs PCM and DSD at the same levels

User Configurable Functionality
• DSD to LPCM output sampling rate: 88.2kHz / 176.4kHz
• output bit depth settings: 16 / 24bit
• I2S output enable / disable
• dedicated DSD 4.0 down-mix enable / disable
• DoP v1 output encoding enable / disable
• 4 user selectable DSD to LPCM filter characteristics #1/#2/#3/#4
• data jitter reduction: OFF/stage 1-3

Onboard selectable SPDIF (75 Ohm) or AES (110 Ohm) outputs.
The installation of the Vanity203HD module is very easy and fully reversible.
No soldering or back panel drilling is necessary. Module is designed to simply replace the original analog output board of the OPPO UDP-203.

Onboard selectable SPDIF (75 Ohm) or AES (110 Ohm) outputs.

Product Flyer

In AES setup it is actually possible to get a proper 3-wire AES output from the Vanity203HD (hot, cold and GND) using 2 RCAs per output, see picture below:
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How to Upgrade:
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When to expect it back.
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