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MultiZone + MultiRegion Modification for Pioneer BDP-LX70A

General information
This modification is send from The Netherlands or USA, depending on your shipping address.
This is a modification for the Pioneer BDP-LX70A Blu-ray player. After installation it will enable the player to show movies with a different region. This means for example that a region 1 movie will play on a region 2 player, without giving the region code or protection error. The player will output PAL as PAL and NTSC as NTSC, this means a MultiSystem TV/Monitor is necessary.

This Modification is extremely hard to install

Price Do It Yourself kit:

$ 100.83
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Price installed by JVB:

$ 214.12
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Technical details

Modification for: Pioneer BDP-LX70A
Supported DVD regions: 1.2
Automatic region switch: No
Region manually switchable: Yes

DVD regions

Blu-ray zones

TV Standards
UOP skip (intro skip): No
RCE proof for DVD region: 1.2
Multisystem output: Yes

Blu-ray Multi-Zone Specifications:
Supported Blu-ray zones: A.B
Automatic BR zone switch: No
BR zone manually switchable: Yes

Installation grade: Very difficult

It's adviced to let the modifications in this category only be performed by people with a lot of soldering experience. Especially SMD-techniques. The connection points are accessible but very close together (average space between pins: 0.5mm or 0,002inch). There is no room for failures. The whole player has to be disassembled to add a 56pin TSOP chip to the players mainboard. Doing this the wrong way will damage or worst case break the player.

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