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DVDO Precision SDI Video Input Module
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item# DVDSpsdi-1
Product Information:
The Serial Digital Interface (SDI) standard is used by professional broadcast studios and video production centers (SMPTE259M standard interface). The advantage of SDI is that the decompressed digital video data is transmitted directly from a digital source, such as your DVD player or satellite receiver, into your iScan VP50, VP30, HD+ or HD when upgraded with this SDI input module. Your video signal remains in the digital domain, avoiding quality-degrading digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital conversion steps, and thereby retaining the best possible picture clarity.
Technical details:
The PrecisionSDI™ Input Module takes this pure digital signal, deinterlaces and scales it (all in the digital domain), converting to any output resolution between 480p and 1080p, allowing you to view all your video source at their optimum output resolution.
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