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Shipped from: USA
 Price: $ 249.00

item# HDFury3-US
Product Information:
Main features:
2x HDMI 1.3 input with deep colour support (Manual or Auto switch mode available, user selectable)
Component (YPbPr/YCbCr) and VGA (RGBHV) video output
Sound output in both Analog and Digital Optical (S/PDIF) through an innovative 3.5mm combo jack
4x EDID banks (2 per channel)
Built-in user selectable multiple output limit settings
Customisation settings available through DIP SWITCH
Perfectly and automatically center image in all standard NTSC/PAL component modes
Manually adjust horizontal screen position in all NTSC/PAL RGBHV modes
Performs Colour Depth Upscaling in all modes (ON/OFF user selectable)
Sync Polarity Inverter included.
Automatic SD/HD color-space selection
Accept third party accessories on its output.
Software upgradeable.
Comes with PSU, USB lead & component cables.
Technical details:
HDFURY range comparison chart:
Data processor 10 bit, 175 Mhz 11 bit, 200 Mhz 11 bit, 225 Mhz
Pixel clock bandwidth165 Mhz165 Mhz225 Mhz
Maximum Resolution supported1080p/601080p/601080p/72
(HDMI 1.1/1.2)
(HDMI 1.3 with Deep Colour support)
Output modeRGBHV onlyComponent or RGBHV
(user selectable)
Component or RGBHV
(user selectable)
User adjustable sync in RGB output modeNO
The H/V output sync matches the input sync
The H/V output sync matches the input sync
The H/V output sync may be force positive or negative
User selectable manual or automatic input switchingN/AN/AYES
Sound OutputNOYES
Limited to 2-channel in both analog and digital
2-channel analog &
Dolby/DTS 5.1 digital
Automatic image centering in component modeN/AYESYES
Manual image centering in RGB modeNONOYES
User adjustable RGB image centering via pushbuttons
Colour Depth UpscalingNOYES
(always on in all modes,
not adjustable)
(user selectable in all modes)
Lower power consumptionNOYES
(0.5A power supply)
(1A power supply)
Firmware upgradeableNOYES
(by manufacturer only)
(by manufacturer only)
Screen position adjustable via firmwareNOYESYES
User selectable EDID banksNONOYES
4 EDID banks (2 per input)
User selectable output resolution limit settingsNONO
(EDID must be reprogrammed
by manufacturer)
Two EDID banks are provided: One supports all resolutions, the other supports up to 1080i with 24p disabled
(Both banks may be reprogrammed as well)
Output resolution limit and custom profilingNOYESYES
Technology4 layer mid density class 5 PCB6 layer high density
class 5 PCB
6 layer high density
class 5 PCB
Additional Comments:
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